The Elements

The ancient Greeks believed that the four elements of EARTH, FIRE, WATER & WIND describe the entire universe and everything in it.

Everything that is whole and complete contains ALL FOUR ELEMENTS!

Using or wearing a crystal of a certain colour will resonate with the chakra associated with that colour, affecting your body, mind and spirit . For example, wearing a red stone will help you become more grounded, as red is associated with the root chakra and being grounded.

Ancient Amulets support these elements


Root Chakra

Earth is the ultimate feminine element - fertile, stable, protective goddess energy


Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakras

Fire is masculine energy - strong will, high energy and personal power


Throat & Heart Chakras

Water is feminine goddess energy - healing, cleansing, purification, passion and emotion


Crown & Third Eye Chakras

Wind is the soul and life breath - linked to higher self, wisdom and connection to source