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All Ancient Amulets are original, one-of-a-kind pieces.  No two are ever exactly alike.  Beautifully hand-crafted by Debra Jones, these healing works of art will be worn with purpose!

Ancient Amulets are available online or by appointment at my healing centre.

My Etsy shop has sold out! 

Scroll down this page to see what's available.  Custom orders accepted.

Debra Jones


Maang Tikkas are worn at the 3rd eye, on your forehead.

  • Activate your Third Eye Chakra
  • Enhance meditation
  • Claim your Goddess Power
  • Protect from Negative Energy
  • Declare your Wisdom

Traditionally worn by Indian brides to indicate the wisdom that they bring into the marriage; they fasten with a chain pinned into the hair with a tiny dab of adhesive to keep in in place.

I've comfortably worn them all day long with a marked improvement in my ability to focus on a task.  When neck, wrist & fingerreal estate is taken - move up! 

Try it.  I think you'll like it.

Maang Tikka Kit

$ 35 CAD

Interchangeable!  PLUS

  • it's a Necklace
  • it's a Bracelet
  • it's a Pendulum
  • it's a Purse Charm

Kit includes: one-of-a-kind Third Eye charm, two chains, brow adhesive, hair pins & easy instructions

NOTE:  As all Ancient Amulets are unique, you will receive a design chosen for you.



Jewel of the Ocean

$ 0 CAD

SOLD   Blue Swarovski crystal centrepiece, faceted to catch the light, sits majestically upon a silvertone cuff while Swarovski crystal dragonflies shimmer and dance around it.


Love Cuff

$ 49 CAD

Rose Quartz and Swarovski Crystal combine to raise your energy to the vibration of LOVE.  The gentle rose quartz gemstone opens your Heart Chakra and promotes healing of your relationship with yourself as well as others,


Amber Swarovski

$ 0 CAD

SOLD A solitary amber Swarovski Crystal enhances the antique brass colour of this woven strand cuff bracelet.  Supporting your Solar Plexus Chakra, this beautiful piece helps you feel confident and courageous.



Crystal Healer

$ 0 CAD

SOLD This ULTIMATE healing stone of clear quartz crystal has a rainbow inclusion. Nestled in hand-molded clay with an extra-long chain.
Pendant measures 5cm X 3cm
Chain 80cm

Supporting the element of WIND


Psychic Helper

$ 0 CAD

SOLD Green Kyanite is a high vibration stone used by therapists and psychics to look beyond peoples actions and words to uncover their true nature.

Green Kyanite & Swarovski Crystal in hand-molded clay with long chain.

Pendant measures 9.5cm X 3cm
Chain 59cm

Supporting the element of WATER


Caramel Amulet

$ 86 CAD

This piece looks like delicious caramel, and who doesn't LOVE caramel?

Agate in hand-molded clay

Pendant measures 6.25cm X 2.75cm
Chain 45cm

Supporting the element of FIRE


Unconditional Love

$ 75 CAD

Rose Quartz is the LOVE stone, vibrating at a frequency that helps us afford ourselves the love and respect we most often only give to others.

Pendant with silver bail measures 6.5cm x 2cm.  Chain 41cm.

Supporting the element of WATER


The Money Stone

$ 0 CAD

SOLD It is widely belived that this stunning citrine crystal attracts abundant wealth.  Resonating with the solar plexus chakra, it can also help bring the chakras into balance.  Cradled in hand-crafted clay and adorned with a swarovski crystal, this masterpiece is sure to empower you.

Pendant measures 5.5cm x 2.3cm

Chain 40cm

Supports the element of FIRE

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