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For thousands of years, amulets, talismans, mascots and charms have been used to provide strength, protection and power.

Today they help us reconnect with our ancestral past and invoke our inner power, strength & wisdom.

The wearer also receives a chakra balancing - raising their vibration to that of the crystal.

Your intuition knows which stone to choose...


Third Eye Jewellery

The Maang Tikka

  • chakra Healing
  • worn with purpose
  • one-of-a-kind


with your

Ancient Wisdom

  • Activate your Third Eye Chakra
  • Enhance Meditation
  • Claim your Goddess Power
  • Protect from Negative Energy
  • Declare your Wisdom

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What can I make for you?

Turn your cherished treasures into a new creation

Nearly everyone has a small special treasure that has a personal story or sentimental value.  
Let me turn it into a wonderful new piece of jewellery for you to enjoy!
  • A single earring you've kept for years
  • A seashell found on a wedding anniversary
  • A special stone given by a long-ago childhood friend
  • A crystal that you LOVE
Just email me and we'll create a very affordable masterpiece...